Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mahathir : The Wake-up Call

The book was written by Hasan Hamzah on 2002 during Tun Abdullah Badawi was the Prime Minister of Malaysia and also before Tun M declared out from UMNO to urge the current PM to let his position off. I'm trying my best to illustrate the content of this book without any bias to anyone.

In my view, the book was interesting to be read and has many historical fact about Tun M besides few important things about him. The book also good for those who interested in science politic and economy. It has some short stories about national economy disaster that had stormed our country a few times during Tun M period which were on 1987 and 1999. He made hypothesis that recession economy on 1999 was caused by a popular investor Jews George Soros. Fortunately, in the critical situation the most brilliant step taken by Malaysia is rejecting fund offer by IMF.

George Soros
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Besides, it also explain the different way of strategies used and lead by Tun M who was a medical student during steering the country. Compared to other three senior former prime minister where all of them were majoring in Law study in university. His educational background made him being different in conductong the government. besides, his great ideas in making new policy such Look East Policy maybe result from his reading habit.

Then, the book also explore about the inner conflict related to Tun M and UMNO members such Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh, Ghafar Baba, and also Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, Tun M has Four Deputy PM. Three of them fall down and not succeed to be PM. How he can survives as a PM for long time 21 years is not as easy as ABC, but full of turbulance and controversion.

Mahathir's attitude who is proud to be Asian and do not easily obey or follow step taken by the western country made him as a controversial leader. Western media always focusing by attack him as a dictator leader. But, because of this attitude, his voice is loud and can be heard through all of the world.

Moreover, the book also tell us the foreign affair policy made by Malaysia during Mahathir's leadership. Malaysia participates in a few world organisation such NAM, ASEAN, OIC and UN. In fact, Malaysia plays an important role in those organisation as a developing country. At his end of his political career, the incident 11 September was happen. And Malaysia also got some impact on this incident.

In fact, there were many other things about him that not included in this book such as Dawn Reid, PPSMI and ISA issue. Since the book is written in 2002, the controversial between him and 5th PM and also 6th PM missed to be include. It is too compact to include those issue in this 150 pages book.

Al last, may The God bless what the right things had done and also may The God forgive him for what wrongdoing he has committed.

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