Wednesday, 11 June 2014

FIFA 2014 get boycott-ed by the people (Brasil@Brazil 2014)

I am not kind a person who hate football or soccer or whatever you called it in your country,
Plus, when you call out for a PES or FIFA video game tournament, i will be the first one to accept your challenge (because i really love football/soccer),

But. . .

when it is involving my brothers and sisters' rights,
i can't afford to accept it much,
i'm sorry. . .

In Brazil,

although we see the 2014 World Cup is preparing with its full of gloriness, but on the other side, many Brazilians are angry with the government for spending millions of dollars ($11 billion as reported by just for the World Cup purpose, while the locals there lack many basic amenities like education, transport, food, hospitals, sanitation etc.

When the Brazilians want to express their disappointment in the street demonstration, they get fired and attacked by the local army soldiers and military polices. So, they 'express' it in the form of street anti-FIFA graffiti.

'FIFA 2014 - Behind The Scenes'

With shortage of food everywhere, inadequate healthcare, corruptions in the state, lack of proper educations and transport systems, these street artists are forcing the public to reconsider whether these sporting events lead to any good for the common man or not.

These street drawings emphasise, how the government should have been focused more on its own people instead of busy managing other important-less international event. If they have enough moey to manage people from 32 other nations, then why not spend in on their own people first!?

Yeah. Let's the pictures 'speak'

and finally. . . . .

"The World Cup takes our schools and hospitals and leaves us its 'balls'."

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